Small Scale Gamification part I

Last time I posted a video with a presentation on the topic of gameification, if you’re interested here’s the link

For reasons that are easily understood Gabe only presented gameification from an enterprise point of view, loyalty programs etc. This is great if you are trying to make a career in advertising and/or sales, but the interesting thing about it is that it also works on smaller scales.

Think of this scenario you need a job, better yet a six figure job, what do you do?

Of course there’s always the obvious answers like ignore your thoughts because you think there’s no way you could land such a position, or you could go about the old fashioned way of spending your whole day hoping someone sees your email, but you know what, that’s just downright boring, there’s a myriad of opportunities lost this way ( well unless you have enough experience to fill 5 pages or you’re the chosen one, then you could probably do whatever the fuck you like ). Mundane is bad, doing this is like trying to walk after living your life in zero gravity, that shit doesn’t work anymore, and if it does it’s not worth it.

Instead you could try to turn it into a game, make it so that hiring you is an achievement, a standalone goal in itself, not a part of everyday routine, do something no one is expecting so that you stand out in front of all your competitors. For instance, skip the whole cv human resources crap and start by finding out who your boss is going to be, then start leaving him hints that will make him want to contact you rather the going the other way around.

Most of you are going to say yeah this guy’s nuts right now, that’s not how the world works he’s a douchebag and I’m out of here and then I’m gonna show you this little video and going to say I told you so. Of course now, nothing is going to beat hands down experience, so don’t figure you’re gonna replace a veteran when you’re entry level just because you are capable of a little creative thinking, but sometimes it’s this little competitive edge that makes all the difference in the world, the one that ensures you are the one that brags about the new position in virus research to all you friends from college that serve food or fold clothes.

Bottom line, be creative, stand out and most importantly always have fun doing it.


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