I’m the kind of guy that likes the internet, I love the internet, I love computers, I love searching the internet, I love that I can search the internet and find meaningful results and I love the fact that I can always learn something new while doing any of these, so let’s say that it’s safe to assume that I might send an IM to tell something to someone living in the same house I do rather than yelling it out loud, so now that we got these things out of the way, I guess one can safely assume that I would be biased and supporting of the JFGI aka Just Fucking Google It phenomenon.

Well I don’t, I know perfectly well I can search for a subject on Google or Wikipedia and find an answer within a short timespan and therefore heading me towards google when I ask a question is about as useful as pointing a cow towards the grass in a meadow. This is even more disturbing when I ask about non-trivial subjects like how to compose a quaternion or how to improve neural networks via backwards propagation of errors.

Now let me explain myself, I’m not talking about script kiddies asking around on forums how 2 start programmers because that is a waste of time, there are people that already had this issue countless times before, it is probably the first result in a search, you’re going to spend a lot more time asking the question than searching for the answer, I’m talking about people that turn this answer into habit because out of laziness or ignorance.

The internet is huge, finding a good resource on the internet on a subject that is a bit over sub-par is about as easy as finding aliens in the visible universe, you know they’re there, statistics and probability theory suggest that the chance of life existing outside our solar system isn’t zero, but the universe is just so damn big, you’d have to filter a infinite amount of irrelevant noise just to get to the information you need.

Conclusion?, next time you send  someone to search some information online try to think in their terms before you send them, is this a common issue, can there be misinterpretations that can cause disinformation ? What did you do if/when you were in their shoes etc.

A wise man once said that all that is necessary for evil to win is for the good guys to do nothing, so stop answering questions if you will, but don’t be surprised when everyone seems dumber by the minute.


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