False Charities

There are a number of ways to make money nowadays, even in this economic turmoil, you can start a business, you can develop an aptitude and consult other people based on that. There are indeed a lot of ways to make money, but you know what, apparently nothing beats cheating it off other people.

Conceptually, I have nothing against charities, no one can blame people for asking, right. The true problem is the implementation. Charities aren’t as far as I know monitored in any way, it’s just basically people begging for money, only at a larger scale.

Now this wouldn’t be such a big problem if people wouldn’t contribute, but dammit they just can’t help throwing away their hard earned money towards causes they aren’t even sure exist. So yes, it’s like the new Ponzi scheme, you find a person in need, go start a campaign about how sad life is and how it could be better if enough cash was funneled down that way and then you go 50-50.

Actually scratch that, you don’t even need to find someone in need and share the money, you could probably invent a tragedy and capitalize on that. In fact if you want to have some fun, just try and ask the person asking for your money if they have actually seen the tragedy they are asking money for, in 90% of the cases I got a no (I’m pretty sure the rest were lying though)

And there you have it. Consider me  a jerk if you wan to, but all I’m saying is that I like to know where my money goes before I can commit to anything .

Then again, can’t blame people for asking, right?


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