We Need More Toilets

Ever walked down the street just to find yourself in desperate need of a toilet of any kind to relieve the pressure.

Well I have, many many times and while some of you might not feel this is a major problem due to the abundance of public toilets in your area, let me tell you, in this part of the world it’s not the case.

Finding a public toilet in this region is like escaping the labyrinth in the old descent games, you have to memorize everything the first time, or else you find yourself out of time and bam, you can guess what follows.

There are oh so many funds allocated to renew and beautify the surroundings, adding statues and complex structures with no particular meaning, why can’t they just hollow them out and build a public toilet inside, I would certainly be happier.

Funny enough, this is a mistake a game designer would never ever do, it’s a relatively urgent need that has to be satisfied, it’s like making someone play doom with 2-3 ammo packs scattered around the level, hardcore gamers might find it a challenge, but mostly people are going to get frustrated.

So yeah, it’s bad design, don’t do that.


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