This is a topic I’ve been discussing for a very long time with a whole lot of people.

For some reason, it seems people managed to get it in their heads that realism is cool, that is make something sufficiently close to real and people will buy it. Well news flash, that’s about as true as carrots running on the field after you pour radioactive waste on them.

People don’t like real, if they would they’d just pop out their heads on the window and call their neighbors to a football match. No people don’t like real, people like almost real. There is a fine line between fun and real and most will cross it thinking that’s the right thing to do.

My guess is that computer games and TV programs have influenced our culture enough to warp our perception of reality to the point where we perceive their struggle to make everything look as real as possible as well, reality. Let’s take this for instance, it’s probably the sound every predator bird makes in very movie ever made. Up until a month ago I could’ve sworn that if you ever saw a bald headed eagle, that would be the sound coming out of his beak. Turns out I was wrong.

Truth is reality is just not cool enough, you want to make something extraordinary, make it believable instead, mix everything you can to form something perfect, yet believable and present that as reality. People want a model, something to inspire and amaze them, not a costly CGI through their everyday life, so you have to make something up and you have to be careful when you do it, too much innovation and they’re gonna call bullshit, too little and it’s gonna be boring.

Anyway, to summarize this post, this is cool and this is real, you decide what you’d like to see in a production value anything.


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