Game Design: Cheating

Following up on my last post, it seems to work, but unfortunately having an idea is not enough, bringing it to life requires time to actually write it , but in any case I feel like talking about design again right now so here it goes.

Ask any game designer and he will tell you that cheating is bad, it;s something you want to prevent because it’s that type of behavior that will kill the enthusiasm you have when playing a game (more so in a multiplayer game where not only you ruin your fun, but you ruin other peoples’ fun too), it’s something that you’d normally want to discourage.

Well I say fight fire with fire, cheating is only bad if it enables someone to make an action you are actively trying to discourage, but what if you were to plan ahead to include behavior that would normally be associated with cheating to give the player the sense that he is in fact breaking the rules and add to the sense of achievement when you finish your task.

So for instance let’s say you have a physics game and a level built so that the obvious solution requires a minimum of 3 steps to complete. What I’m proposing is that you add some way of completing it in say 1 or 2 moves preferably by exploiting a side effect of a mechanic to make the person that finds it feel like he is smarter than you.

What do you think would it be a good idea ?

And yes this thing dawned on me while playing physics games, but I guess I can come up with a way to use this in other games as well.


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