Back in Business

So to speak, it’s been a while since I’ve made something enjoyable and with all the recent happenings I’ve more than enough time, I just needed some sense of scope.

Luckily for me, competitions are always a good source of inspiration and it seems nowadays they’re just popping around the corner and as always there’s bound to be one that lights that tiny spark in your eyes that reeks of creativity.

Therefore, without furthering the issue, I’m going to participate in the liberated pixel cup competition with a revamped version of an older idea baked a long time ago with fellow developer Zapakitul called Peons and hope that at least some people will enjoy it.

I’m not very sure about the toolchain I’ll be using, I’ll do some research first, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up concluding that HTML5 would be best in this case. Everything will be hosted on github and available under GPL v3 if you feel like checking it out.

Other than that, if anyone else is planning on participating as well, shoot me a comment, I’m pretty sure I’ll be available over most conventional IM clients (but I’d really prefer skype or google hangout) if you need to bounce ideas or require help with implementing a feature.

TL;DR Awesome competition, count me in


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