LPC: The Game

I started development on the game for the liberated cup and so far it’s going well enough for me to be able to talk a bit about it.

The basic idea would be to have a battle for territory spiced up with some one on one combat. Therefore I started with the following setup:


Basically I started with the idea of the battle of the opposites, nature represented here by water and grass and destruction represented by barren rocks and lava. Now if you try to imagine that the picture above would be filled with art from liberated pixel cup awesome tilesets instead of my prototype, this is basically a 10×10 grid where the two should battle it out.

Rules are simple:

  • Each player starts with 20 life points
  • Each turn a player can attack his opponent, cast a spell, or create territory
  • When you attack the other player loses 1 life and goes 2 tiles back
  • If there’s not enough room to go back, the opposite player loses one life for each tile it doesn’t move(1 tile = -2 life, 2 tiles = -3 life)
  • When you create territory you can only create 2×2 blocks at one time
  • Territory created can be either walkable or not walkable
  • You cannot place a territory if it blocks every path to the other player
  • If you are on your territory when you start the round and your health is < 20, you get 1 life point back
  • You have a limited amount of territory you can build (I’m still working on the specifics)

Spells are something I’m going to detail later because they’re a work in progress.

In any case, development has started off well and I’ve made up most of my spritesheet management stuff, so I should be able to post some actual gameplay soon. Also if you’re into that stuff, you can follow the development of this game on github at this address. I should start pushing pretty soon, after I receive some answers. Until then I’ll just leave this teaser here:



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