Seeing how lately I’ve been stockpiling on technical posts, I think a small change of topic scenery is in order, so today I’d rather talk about an interesting initiative taking place here in my approximate vicinity.

As you might have guessed by now it’s about Defcamp which announces to be an all in one security conference. There’s of course lots of speakers (official schedule anyone?) and each and every one of them looks interesting in it’s own way, so if you’d ask me to choose a favourite right now, not only would I not know which one to point, but I’d tend to think that using a coin or the slim shady algorithm would yield a result quicker.

That being said, I find it noteworthy that the conference itself is made up of an almost equal number of officially trained individuals and self trained enthusiasts that want to share their thoughts. Now, I’ve been in the CTF and while it wasn’t as focused as Stripes’, it certainly was an interesting challenge, and if the nature and difficulty of the posed problems is in any way reflecting the level of knowledge you need to posses in order to present at this event, I’d say that I’ll leave that place knowing a lot more than I did when I came.

Also, if you happen to be at the event, I’ll be participating in the final CTF event on saturday as a member of the slenders team, so if you feel like making a good deed, drop by and wish me luck.


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