What I’d do if I were facebook

I’d buy a phone company.

No really, think about it, they’re already the biggest socialization platform known to man, if they were to buy a telecom company they’d probably gain every teenager in their network, which basically means two things

  • You can pretty much ask anything you like from manufacturers.
  • You have a single unified billing account.

Now if the first thing isn’t that much of a deal since the facebook app is already ubiquitous in various marketplaces, the second would be huge. Many software companies are now struggling to convince people to give their billing details to streamline online payments, but if the company billing you for an online services is also the one sending you mail for monthly subscription fees, who’s to stop them from adding your online payment history to your monthly plan. You then talk to a few vendors, take a small fee for each transaction and you grow from there.

Sure beats adding vignetting and sepia filters to the photo gallery.


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