The Challenge of 7DRTS

The middle of the summer is one of the greatest moments of the year. Apart from being an arbitrary point in time, for some it’s a marker that pinpoints the exact moment when getting a vacation seems like a good idea and for me it’s the exact point in time when the nice people from ludum dare give a go to competitions.

This time it’s about making an RTS game in 7 days, or 7DRTS for short and the scope as @sorceress explains in the official 7DRTS announcement is to make a RTS (real time strategy), TBS(turned based strategy) or just some jumping pixels requiring minimal interaction, doesn’t really matter, the important thing is to have fun.

This competition however is special because with this occasion Zapa and I decided that it is time to revive the tradition of break design challenge in a rapid exchange of tweets

So @zapakitul, we meet again.

Overall I think it will be a pretty fun thing to do as we’re restricting our actual game dev to 2 days and therefore expect the competition itself will probably be pretty tight, but mostly because I will be doing something that involves networking and differential equation models for game balancing. I’m still figuring out the details, but I will be explaining all implementation details, so you might want to come back once in a while during this challenge.

Also, everything will be hosted on github, so you can follow the repository from now if you want to, I plan to support at least mac os, linux and windows, but iOS and Android might also be a possibility. I don’t plan to upload builds there, I will be putting automatic compilation scripts, but if you just want to play the game without the hassle of compilation, leave a comment with a way to contact you and I’ll try to send a compiled binary.

And last, but not least I wish everyone participating good luck.


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