Troll Game Jam

I tend to really like game jams because I always learn a lot of things during the 24-ish hours of non stop development, so when a friend told me he is organizing a small LD like competition, my coder senses went all tingly.

I’ve long been an advocate of diversity, so just for the fun of it I wanted to see if I can do a game based on Qt that could run on anything (anything as in every platform that supports Qt), so this time around I fired up QtCreator and started making the game.

Interestingly enough, it took around 6 hours to implement a standard game of snake and another 6 for the rest of the gameplay,  and I say that because everything is made in C++. When I started game development I transitioned to interpreted and JITed languages because pushing pixels in C++ was a very long process, even with existing frameworks, maybe it’s the development experience I’ve gained over the years, but that no longer seems to be true, so it’s definitely something that I’ll explore in the future.

Back to the game though, the idea was to create a game so buggy that it becomes a challenge to play it. I think I’ve managed to do that to some degree, however if you don’t want to take my word for it, you can download it here

lase shooting snakes

The classic game of snake with lasers

I’m calling it a troll game jam because the unofficial focus of the jam was trolling the other opponents, and since at least for now I’m the only one with a playable prototype, I think I might have lost that round, but on the other hand something pretty fun came out of it.

Android support soon to follow.